What is the history of blackjack?

Over the years there have been many debates regarding the history of blackjack. This topic has eluded many researchers and historians. There are many theories on this topic. Till date, there has been no one particular answer to this question. One theory is that it was started in French casinos in 1700. There it was earlier known as Vingt-et-un which is roughly translated as twenty-one. There were a card game making rounds during that which were known as Chemin de Fer and French Femme.

Another theory that has been going around is that it was invented by Romans. It is believed that Romans used to play this game using wooden blocks made up of different numerical values. As Romans loved gambling, this theory has been accepted as truth to some extent. It is said that Spanish people also had their hand in the history of blackjack. The game that was prevalent was called ‘one and thirty’. The goal was to reach thirty-one points with a minimum of 3 cards.

All of these versions had one thing common of reaching a certain value of points without going bust. Some versions use Ace as a fluctuating value as one or eleven. The main reason this game became popular in Europe was that it required skills to play rather than other card games which were based on a mere luck. It required you to make decisions which make you feel like a sense of control.

These different versions of blackjack grew and became more popular in North America and eventually in the entire continent. This was largely due to French colonists. The rules in the modern blackjack were very different than the previous times. The earlier only dealer was allowed to double and there be a betting round whenever the cards were dealt.

In 1931 the game was first introduced in Nevada and was named as ‘21’. During that time to draw more people, it is said that odds of 10-to-1 were offered for a hand featuring blackjacks with an Ace of spades. This practice was later discontinued but the name blackjack remained. In Atlantic City, the first casino was opened in the year 1978. Earlier the dealers wrestled hands over fist on how to deal the counters.

Then a new rule was established which allowed the card counters to play for two hours without any interruption. Then after many court cases, a law was passed which allowed a casino to restrict a player’s bet if he was found to be suspicious.

Throughout the centuries blackjack has seen many changes and still, it continues evolving, largely thanks to the internet. Now a new version of blackjack is seen. In this version, few reputed casino operators have started Live Blackjack which you can you enjoy from the comfort of your homes.

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