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What is the history of blackjack?

Over the years there have been many debates regarding the history of blackjack. This topic has eluded many researchers and historians. There are many theories on this topic. Till date, there has been no one particular answer to this question. One theory is that it was started in French casinos in 1700. There it was earlier known as Vingt-et-un which is roughly translated as twenty-one. There were a card game making rounds during that which were known as Chemin de Fer and French Femme.

Another theory that has been going around is that it was invented by Romans. It is believed that Romans used to play this game using wooden blocks made up of different numerical values. As Romans loved gambling, this theory has been accepted as truth to some extent. It is said that Spanish people also had their hand in the history of blackjack. The game that was prevalent was called ‘one and thirty’. The goal was to reach thirty-one points with a minimum of 3 cards.

All of these versions had one thing common of reaching a certain value of points without going bust. Some versions use Ace as a fluctuating value as one or eleven. The main reason this game became popular in Europe was that it required skills to play rather than other card games which were based on a mere luck. It required you to make decisions which make you feel like a sense of control.

These different versions of blackjack grew and became more popular in North America and eventually in the entire continent. This was largely due to French colonists. The rules in the modern blackjack were very different than the previous times. The earlier only dealer was allowed to double and there be a betting round whenever the cards were dealt.

In 1931 the game was first introduced in Nevada and was named as ‘21’. During that time to draw more people, it is said that odds of 10-to-1 were offered for a hand featuring blackjacks with an Ace of spades. This practice was later discontinued but the name blackjack remained. In Atlantic City, the first casino was opened in the year 1978. Earlier the dealers wrestled hands over fist on how to deal the counters.

Then a new rule was established which allowed the card counters to play for two hours without any interruption. Then after many court cases, a law was passed which allowed a casino to restrict a player’s bet if he was found to be suspicious.

Throughout the centuries blackjack has seen many changes and still, it continues evolving, largely thanks to the internet. Now a new version of blackjack is seen. In this version, few reputed casino operators have started Live Blackjack which you can you enjoy from the comfort of your homes.


Blackjack is game which requires a lot of concentration and not all gamblers can say that they are good at it. There are many variations of playing blackjacks and many gamblers assume that playing two hands blackjacks give you more advantage over the other. In this article, we will be discussing the advantage of playing two hands blackjack.


Advantages of playing two hands blackjack

It generates more action

One primary advantage of playing multiple hands is that they generate a lot of hand action during the game. This leaves the player play two spots which generally works in their favour. one drawback to this is in casino most players are not allowed to bet twice on the table.


Can even out the rise and fall of your bankroll

In most of the cases when you play the game with two hands. Generally, the players will loose or win at the same time. This means that if you are a good player you can easily ensure that you win twice as much as one hand game. This also gives you the opportunity to win large sums of money.


Reading clumps, tracking shuffles and counting cards

One advantage of having access to clump reader, tracking shuffles and counting cards is that the one can switch to multiple hands and when they expect higher cards which can give them the advantage of catching them. A card counter will help play multiple hands which can low count the deck but with double hands you will always have a shot at a big win.

Having multiple hands can give you the dominance

Until your partner does not catch the pattern of the behaviour. There is a real chance of you winning as you can easily throw of the dealer off his winning flow. It is important that you disguise your true motive and also try different games to understand the patter better.


Some points to keep in mind while playing two hands blackjack

  • It is important that you play at a reasonably quick pace as it can easily become annoying if not done quick to other players.
  • You need to have your hands on the adjacent spot, which makes it easier for you to reach over the table without disturbing the table.
  • Even the seating arrangements have no bearing to who wins the game. The situation can be tense and if you ask for a change of seat it can be distracting.
  • If there is an additional player, you must be willing to give up your additional hand to help make some room on the table.
  • Try to look into other players and then decide on playing or to not. This helps you be sure of what your game needs to be.

Best Online Casinos

The concept of online gaming is gaining a lot of popularity, especially among youngsters. It has created a huge impact in the gaming world. Its impact was so huge that the whole gaming sector went through a makeover. When we mention online gaming, we mean everything which also includes online gambling and online casinos. If one is able to have fun while and make some money by sitting in the house who would not want it. This is the exact experience what the online casinos are offering. In this article, we will see the best online casinos.

888 online casinos

When it comes to online casinos, 888 online casino is very popular. The site is known for its user-friendly design and interface. The bonus that the site offers is definitely one of the great features of the site. There more than 500 games in the site that are developed by Microgaming and Blue Print Gaming. In the year 2012, it won the award for the best online casino of the year. Every week there are promotions, and it is one of the main reasons for their popularity. They have great customer support that can solve all the issues.

Casino Las Vegas

If you are a person who is into online gambling or who plays online casino games, there are good possibilities that you would have come across this name. It is because when it comes to online casinos, the site has a global reach. This site supports many languages, and you can see many players from various parts of the world playing regularly. The games on the site are developed by Microgaming, and there are more than three hundred games. The one thing that needs a special mention is the welcome bonus that they offer.

River Belle Casino

River Belle Casino is a casino that gives more importance to the players. The casino does not have any kinds of country restrictions. People from all over the world play games on this site. When it comes to online casinos, it is a wholesome package and caters to all kinds of audience. It has properly functioning customer care that will solve all the issues faced by the players. The welcome bonus and promotions that they offer are all more enough to attract more number of people. There more than two hundred games in the site.

Betfair Online casino

Betfair Online Casino is a site that has many features. These features are the main reason for their popularity. The site was established in the year 2002, and it is certified by the Malta Gaming Authority. The games on the site are developed by many developers. It is one of the very few sites that have hundred percent wagering returns. The site is very famous for its security features which are considered to be one of the best.

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